Applying for Denville Hall

How do I apply?

You will find an application form on this website, or contact us and we can put one in the post to you.  This is an initial application for us to assess eligibility.  Once that has been agreed (see next FAQ) there will be further information that we shall require so as to be sure we can meet all your needs.


Am I eligible?  Who decides?

Denville Hall looks after actors and other members of the theatrical profession. If rooms are available, we will also consider applications from parents and spouses of acting and entertainment professionals. Eligibility is decided by the House Committee, who meet every month. We also offer respite care. If there is an emergency we liaise between meetings and will make a decision as quickly as possible.

How do I get help with finance?

We shall do our best to point you in the right direction in finding possible help from sister organisations, for which you might be eligible, such as Acting For Others. After residency eligibility has been confirmed, get in touch with us about any financial assistance you think you might need.

Can you help me set up a power of attorney?

Your relatives or friends need to do this through their solicitor, or with the help of an on-line service.

Eligibility criteria

This is stage one of a two-stage application process. We shall eventually need to ask you about financial and medical details, but first we need to establish your eligibility via our admission form.

We have a very specific remit to help people from the entertainment industry who have worked on and off stage and in front of and behind the camera. This includes therefore not just actors, but directors, producers, stage managers, writers, agents, dancers, singers and musicians etc. Should we have space we can consider parents of this group too.

We don’t want to waste your time with complicated paperwork if you are not going to meet our criteria. Our House Committee will assess your eligibility based on this first part of the application process.

Although this is the normal admission procedure, arrangements for short-term and emergency admission can be made very quickly where necessary. Simply ring the home (be prepared to give us some information to check your theatrical eligibility and medical history) and we will move fast to help you if we possibly can. 

If you feel you are ready to begin your application, please complete the online application form or download and print the paper form and return by email or post.